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Our Research
Our research realizes the full potential of the internet of things to enable smart interactions and change the way people interact with their surroundings to live smarter, safer and more productive live. Our current focus is on creating the required infrastructure support and develop necessary mechanisms to enable one demand sensing for both the general public and controlled IoT deployments.
  1. Dynamic Access Control in IoT
    This project designs and implements a novel dynamic access control platform and provides a testbed for the development of a user-friendly, safe and secure IoT environment.
  2. Privacy-Preserving IoT
    The project looks into major privacy challenges in IoT scenarios and implements a robust privacy-preserving approach that places privacy control in the hands of users.
  3. Data Integrity of Smart City Traffic Infrastructure
    This project leverages the widely adopted Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model for time series analysis and short term spatiotemporal predictions to build a robust anomaly detection mechanism for real-time traffic sensor data in Smart City settings.
  4. Mobile Visual Analytics
    Inspired by the exponential proliferation of mobile devices of different form factor, this project will enable context-aware visual analytics on mobile devices to support analysts and emergency personnel to gain immediate and better insight from data on-the-go and make instantaneous, independent, and informative decisions based on situational awareness.
  5. Open IoT Infrastructure
    Building an open IoT Infrastructure and integrated stack with innovations at the hardware, software and end-user levels that can be widely adopted and deployed in heterogenous IoT environments.
  6. On-demand Sensing and Ubiquitous Data Access
    This project creates a platform that probes a pool of available sensors in a specific geographical region to collect real time data that enables ubiquitous data services, as well as to demonstrate the potential benefits of mobile sensing as a core enabling technology for Internet of things.